Are you looking to go out on your first date with someone? Congratulations! Now comes the real dilemma, where should you go and or what should you do on your first date? Traditionally, one would go out for drinks or eats on their first dates. While this is all fine and dandy, it can get boring and might explain why you don’t get a second date. According to a dating article, why would you engage in the same song and dance as your last date? Dating should be fun and exciting not boring. Here is a list of some alternative first date ideas that you can engage in: potluck, take a cooking class together, go out on an ice cream social, wine tasting, go to a food festival, enjoy a theme park together, go to an outdoor movie or concert, take a coffee walk, visit a local pool, engage in a scavenger hunt, go on a nature hike, visit someplace and pretend to be a tourist, watch a sunset, visit the zoo, go bowling, do karaoke together, play pool, take a dance class together, visit a museum and so much more. You first date ideas are endless so why are you still planning on dinner and drinks? If you are adamant about dinner and drinks at least mix it up a bit. For example, after you had a nice relaxing dinner you might want to consider seeing a show before you turn in for the night. According to an article, seeing a show is great because you can get dressed up, look and feel sophisticated, create an emotional connection with the one you are with, drink, talk, and most of all, create lasting memories.

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