Who is Shanon Lewis?

-Shanon Lewis is a web marketing expert with over 14 years of experience helping companies large and small to achieve their goals online. She is a noted author, speaker and moderator on topics including Craigslist, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and online communications.

She has personally helped launch over 300 websites and countless online advertising campaigns. Whether it's "grassroots" marketing or "AstroTurf". She knows the in's, out's and pitfalls of online marketing.

In recent years Shanon has worked primarily in the Affiliate Marketing industry for retail and gaming. She regularly contributes articles to major business and technology publications, including Entrepreneur.com. Shanon's client list includes websites in the auction, legal, real estate, ecommerce, software and hotel industries.  One thing all her clients have in common is that they found her or she found them using Craigslist.org

Craigslist has been more than a source of new clients for Shanon. After her move to Southern California 5 years ago, she regularly began haunting the Orange County section looking for great deals on furniture, real estate and hard to find service providers. Her knowledge of Craigslist is well-known in many circles. Having used it so effectively, she decided to write a book about her experiences and those of others who have realized its power to create strong community relationships and increase revenues. From this “The Unofficial Craigslist Book” was created.

Shanon hopes her book will help many small businesses worldwide. Her passion for web marketing and community involvement is paramount in her love of Craigslist. For this she is happy to give back 5% of every sale to the Craigslist Foundation. She hopes that it helps make it easier for non-profits to make a difference everywhere.

Look for additional insight from Shanon in her blog and “Ask Shanon” section of the Craigslist Insider monthly newsletter.

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A Brutally Honest CL Ad
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