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For over 5 years, The Unofficial Craigslist Book has helped people post to craigslist the correct way and generate REAL income.

During this time, we have been gathering feedback from our readers and put together an extensive library of tools and products. These are the same tactics and techniques professionals are using right now to drive business. This package can help you become a craigslist professional, increase your business sales or simply promote your service.



The Craigslist Unofficial Book will be bundled with a package of several tools and secrets you can use right away to utilize this amazing top 10 site. SIGN up to our newsletter below to be one of the first to get access to a professional's craigslist tool box.

Here are a few of the fantastic products you'll get:


  • Unofficial Flagging Guide (what you won't see on CL itself)  
  • Automating Your Craigslist Business 
  • Secret tool to wipe out your competitors 
  • PVAs - how they are used and the scams to watch out for 
  • Craigslist Marketing Exposed 
  • How I made a Million on Craigslist
  • Cashing In On Craigslist 
  • Craigslist Advertising Revealed
  • Craigslist Cash Cow 
  • Craigslist Profits Unleashed 
  • Craigslist Traffic Tips
  • Craigslist Alternatives 
  • Special report on the methods scammers are running right now and what to watch for 

All of this PLUS an early copy of The Unofficial Craigslist Book version 2. 

If you surf or post to Craigslist, 

you CAN NOT afford to miss this opportunity.


I'll email you in a few days. (sign up below where it says get a free chapter)

~Author of "The Unofficial Craigslist Book"


A Brutally Honest CL Ad
This might be one of our favorite Craigslist ads of all time. Not for what's being sold -- a 1996 Subaru Outback with almost 300,000 miles is probably near the very bottom of things we want to buy online, just above a life-size Hannibal Lecter and used belly button rings....

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