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Overwhelmed by the idea of setting up RSS software to gather feeds from Craigslist? Not very technical, but love the idea of not having to search Craigslist every day, all day?


I have a solution for you. The tool is called It is a free service that allows you to set up feeds for your preferred searches on Craigslist and have them delivered to your e-mail box. Selecting a feed is very simple; you just search and select it. There’s no software to play with or confusing feed code. Plus you get it right into your inbox for easy access every 6-12 hours.

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A Brutally Honest CL Ad
This might be one of our favorite Craigslist ads of all time. Not for what's being sold -- a 1996 Subaru Outback with almost 300,000 miles is probably near the very bottom of things we want to buy online, just above a life-size Hannibal Lecter and used belly button rings....

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