Some of my readers have been examining Craigslist characteristics for the past 3 months. Much has changed. I wanted to share their findings with you.

If you have a problem with Ghosting:

-IPs change them up, if your pool is bad, get proxies
-Use new PVAs, completely. If you use the same phone number it will not work as well. 
 -Completely Unique content every 2 days. Make sure you do not have the same order of words. I have found completely hand typed ads work the best. 
-Phone Numbers, URLs, Addresses: Those too, if you are experiencing heavy ghosting put a . - / etc, something in to break it up. 
-Pictures, make sure these are different as well, dont use the same one every 2 days.

Flagging- The number of flags you can get has to do with all 5 of the following. If you have anything the same or it is too similar in any way it is much easier for you to get flagged off. The trick is keep everything as UNIQUE as possible.

I have had one thing similar and got flagged once and was removed, or ghosted. When I have everything unique the highest I have had was 26 flags (IP Tracker used) .

I hope this help some people with the war against Craigslist.

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