PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! "The Unofficial Craigslist Book" is the how-to resource for every business, large and small.
Inside this book you'll learn the secrets of:


  • Navigating Craigslist rules and regulations

  • Using Craigslist to find new customers

  • Using Craigslist to gain competitive intelligence

  • Datamining for new or additional sources of income

  • Marketing locally on this global resource

  • My personal experiences and signature secrets

Why Should I Read This Book?

  • You want to sell anything, buy anything, network or get involved locally.
  • You are a service provider for any industry including real estate brokers, recruiters, contractors, moving companies, marketing consultants, photographers, landscapers, domestic/nanny services and much more!
  • You are a retailer, wholesaler or consignment shop - See how to effectively sell new and used products on Craigslist.

"I discovered the power of Craigslist about a year ago and have never looked back. But this book taught me new things I had never thought of before."

Jennifer Monterro of Jenny's Housekeeping

ONLY $6.97

Why Should I Buy This Book?

I have spent years researching and testing the theories included in this groundbreaking, one of a kind book. It includes proven tips, tricks, and secrets that only a few people are using to make legitimate money online.

Step-by-step instructions and powerful case studies will help teach you how to use Craigslist to its fullest.

If you apply these "secrets" to your business now, you will be able to leverage this wonderful tool as a source of new sales every hour of every day with little effort.

Quite simply - there is no other book like this that you can buy and it includes information that can only be gathered from years of experience. I want to share this experience and secrets I have learned with you so you can start using this powerful tool now!

ONLY $6.97


Why Waste Money on Useless Newspaper Classifieds, eBay Listings or the Yellow Pages?

With Craigslist, you can list your product or service ad for free. Learn how to get better conversion, use images to track your results or auto-post your listing in surrounding metros! Let me show you how you can maximize your effort and convert an astonishing amount of traffic into sales as well as gain the much coveted search engine traffic you want.

Learn How Craigslist Compares to eBay, backpage, MySpace, facebook and eLance! You will gain insight not only into how Craigslist can save you from outrageous fees, but also how to use Craigslist to increase sales when you do use them. 


"This book completely opened my eyes to the vast possibilities of using Craigslist as a marketing vehicle, and how to accomplish the efforts I was doing more efficiently and effectively."

Melanie Jordan, Mentorship Program Director, Metro Realty, Orange County, CA,

"Before using Craigslist, I struggled to find new clientele. Now, over 50% of my work comes from my Craigslist postings alone."

Photographer Nader Coobtee


How do I receive the Unofficial Craigslist Book?

The Unofficial Craigslist Book is a downloadable 96 page personalized PDF file. It is desktop printer friendly for easy printing. Please click continue after paypal checkout for immediate download.

How Did You Become an Expert on Craigslist?

I have been actively using Craigslist for business and personal needs for over 6 years. I have mastered this unique medium and made thousands of dollars selling services and products via Craigslist. I have also helped many companies utilize this service to double sales and build strong, powerful relationships regionally. What I can show you is beyond the everyday use of Craigslist.


What drives me? I have spent over 10 years helping small businesses gain new customers online using the web. It's the single most cost effective advertising medium available. I am a master at no budget marketing tactics that produce real results. As a high paid consultant I have used Craigslist to help so many of my clients gain market share in their respective areas, that I felt it was finally time to bring my knowledge to the world. Everyone deserves to be able to use their regional network to make great money!

What You Get

The Unofficial Craigslist eBook is $6.97 (originally $47). The ebook includes unique tactics that will double your sales and increase exposure tremendously. This is absolutely the most affordable marketing book for ANY small business looking to increase their bottom line.

ONLY $6.97


Even if you are already using Craigslist, you cannot afford to miss out on the many helpful tips that I provide in this book. I have truly been using Craigslist in ways no one has even written about. Just one chapter of this book alone is worth well over what I am asking. I believe everyone should be allowed to gain this unique knowledge and use it to their advantage.

Buy a Book, Gain a Support System

This is not just about buying a book. It is an investment into the future of your business that will earn its worth in less than a day.  I want to make sure that everyone succeeds because of this book. You have everything to gain.


ONLY $6.97


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